La founder
An ex-client who understand your needs

“I have built Les Brand Makers by imagining the ideal brand image agency I would have loved when I was on the clients’ side.

360 approach-oriented, solution-driven, content-focused, understanding the importance of authentic engagement and taking the pulse of our times.

And beyond all, an agency which could make strategic recommendations AND operational activations.

Not either, but both, without any disconnect, but actually field experience."

Isabelle, CEO & Founder

La Founder

An ex-client who speaks your langage

About Isabelle

French & Multicultural

Trilingual – French/English/Chinese

10 Years of experience in 

Global Communications, for:

Top Markets' Leader Corporations

Top Successful Brands


Passionate Story Maker and Teller,

Social Media Enthusiast

Broad experience in

Premium and Luxury industries

Former client mindset with a global expertise,

an International and Paris-based network,

local markets and cultural difference knowledge.


La Founder

Her Corporate Path & References